Hey, welcome to the Jobs section of the Medieval Craft wikia. In Medieval Craft you can choose 1 of 5 jobs which will give you a special ability. Choose carefully because you can only have 1 job at a time.


Priest: The priest has the ability to marry or divorce players. If you're a priest feel free to charge for your services in our in-game currency of course.

Merchant: The merchant has the ability to buy and sell items through chestshops.

Diplomat: The diplomats are the people who can create new nations in Medieval Craft. They are also the only ones who can hold management positions in existing nations.

Knight: The knights in Medieval Craft have the upper-hand when it comes to combat since they are the only ones who can use diamond swords and armour.

Blacksmiths: A blacksmith is the only player in the game who can craft rare items like enchanting tables, chainmail, and diamond armour.


The different jobs are seperate from McMMO meaning that leveling up in McMMO grants its own abilities.